The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area draws visitors from around the world to escape into nature. People also enjoy the authentic experiences provided by Woodlands Nature Station, Elk & Bison Prairie, Homeplace 1850s Working Farm, and Golden Pond Planetarium and Observatory. Bring your jeep or ATV to Turkey Bay OHV Area it is 2,500 acres of off-highway-vehicle excitement!  Get out and explore over 300 miles of undeveloped shoreline, 200 miles of paved roads, 500 miles of trails, and many acres of forests and open lands.

As part of America’s great outdoors since 1963, The Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area manages over 170,000 acres of forests, wetlands, and open lands on a peninsula between Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley in Western Kentucky and Tennessee. The family friendly recreation area offers one of the largest blocks of undeveloped forest in the eastern United States.

With 300 miles of natural shoreline, lake access provides idyllic settings for camping, picnicking, hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and water sports. Licensed hunting for deer, turkey, squirrel and other small game animals occur throughout the year.

Top 10 Things To Do In The Land Between The Lakes

  1. Hike and Bike Trails: Explore the numerous hiking trails that showcase the diverse flora and fauna of the region. Popular trails include Hematite Lake Trail, Honker Trail, and others.

  2. Golden Pond Planetarium: offers immersive celestial experiences. With advanced projectors, it presents captivating planetarium shows on stars, planets, and galaxies. Visitors can also enjoy stargazing sessions with telescopes, making it an engaging destination for all ages fascinated by astronomy.

  3. Boating and Fishing: With numerous lakes, such as Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley it is a paradise for boating and fishing enthusiasts. Rent a boat or bring your own to enjoy the water.

  4. Turkey Bay OHV Area: Is a prime destination for off-roading. It provides an amazing area to ride, explore and have fun with your friends and family. The area consists of approximately 100 miles of primary, secondary, and tertiary trails for many different OHV riding experiences.
  5. Wildlife Viewing: The area is rich in wildlife. Take advantage of designated wildlife viewing areas to observe birds, deer, and other animals in their natural habitat.

  6. The Homeplace 1850s Working Farm: Step back in time and experience life on a mid-19th century farm. Costumed interpreters demonstrate daily activities, providing a glimpse into the region’s history.

  7. Elk & Bison Prairie: Witness these magnificent creatures up close in their natural habitat. The prairie is a unique opportunity to see elk and bison in a controlled environment.

  8. Woodlands Nature Station: A great place for families, the Woodlands Nature Station offers educational programs and exhibits about the local flora and fauna, including live animal displays.

  9. Geocaching: Embark on a treasure hunt by participating in geocaching activities. There are hidden caches throughout the area, providing a fun and adventurous challenge.

  10. Photography: Capture the scenic beauty of Land Between the Lakes. Whether you’re into landscapes, wildlife, or astrophotography, the diverse environment offers plenty of photo opportunities.

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