Nestled within the enchanting Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area, The Homeplace 1850s Farm stands as a living testament to Kentucky’s rich agricultural heritage. A visit to this meticulously recreated 19th-century farm offers a captivating journey back in time, allowing visitors to experience the daily life and traditions of a pre-Civil War era homestead.

Historical Overview:

The Homeplace, established in the heart of the Land Between the Lakes, transports visitors to the mid-19th century, providing a glimpse into the lives of farmstead families during a pivotal period in American history. The museum serves as a living history experience, showcasing the rural lifestyle of the region in the 1850s.

Authentic Structures and Artifacts:

The farmstead boasts a collection of authentic structures and artifacts, painstakingly preserved and reconstructed to reflect the period accurately. Visitors can explore the farmhouse, barns, smokehouse, gardens, and other outbuildings, each telling a unique story of the daily chores, agricultural practices, and domestic life of the era.

Interpretive Programs:

What sets The Homeplace apart is its commitment to immersive education. The site hosts a variety of interpretive programs, demonstrations, and hands-on activities led by costumed interpreters. These knowledgeable guides breathe life into the past, sharing stories of the families who once worked the land, tended to livestock, and cultivated crops using techniques from the 1850s.

Seasonal Activities:

Throughout the year, The Homeplace offers a diverse array of seasonal activities, allowing visitors to experience the farmstead in different contexts. From spring planting and summer harvests to fall festivals and winter preparations, each season brings a unique set of tasks and celebrations, providing a comprehensive view of 1850s agrarian life.

Farmstead Life:

Visitors to The Homeplace can witness the daily routines of farm life, including traditional cooking methods, textile production, and blacksmithing. The farm’s inhabitants, portrayed by skilled interpreters, engage in period-appropriate activities, fostering a sense of connection to the challenges and joys faced by families in the 1850s.

Educational Opportunities:

The Homeplace serves as an invaluable educational resource, offering school programs, workshops, and special events aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of Kentucky’s history. Students and visitors alike can engage with history in a tangible and immersive way, making the past come alive before their eyes.

Preserving Heritage:

The dedication to historical accuracy and meticulous preservation at The Homeplace ensures that future generations can appreciate and learn from the agricultural traditions of the past. The living history museum stands as a testament to the importance of preserving cultural heritage and connecting communities with their roots.


A visit to The Homeplace 1850s Farm is a journey through time, an opportunity to step into the shoes of those who once toiled the fields and tended to the hearth in the 1850s. The authenticity of the structures, the dedication of interpreters, and the immersive programs create a living canvas that vividly depicts the agricultural roots of Kentucky. For history enthusiasts, families, and anyone seeking a tangible connection to the past, The Homeplace is a must-visit destination that beautifully captures the spirit of the 1850s farmstead in the heart of the Land Between the Lakes.

March and November, Wednesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm
April – October, 10am-5pm Open Daily
Last tickets sold at 4pm
Closed Thanksgiving Day and December-February
Phone: 931.232.6457 | Groups: 270.924.2020
• Adult: $7, special event $9
• Youth 5-17: $5, special event $7
• Ages 4 and under: free
• Higher rates may apply to special events

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