Hunting Land Between The Lakes

The Land Between the Lakes, nestled between the expansive waters of Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley, offers more than just scenic landscapes and recreational activities. For avid hunters, this region is a coveted destination, providing a diverse and rich hunting experience for deer, turkey, and squirrel.

Deer Hunting:

The Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky Lake, and Lake Barkley area are renowned for their thriving deer populations, making it a sought-after destination for deer hunters. The wooded expanses, coupled with open fields and meadows, create an ideal habitat for white-tailed deer. The hunting season, typically in the fall, allows hunters to venture into the woods, utilizing both archery and firearm methods. The challenge of tracking elusive bucks amidst the picturesque surroundings adds an extra layer of excitement to the hunting experience.

Turkey Hunting:

Springtime in the Land Between the Lakes signals the start of turkey hunting season, drawing enthusiasts seeking the thrill of the hunt amidst the awakening wilderness. The area’s diverse terrain, from dense woodlands to open fields, provides a perfect backdrop for turkey hunting. Hunters can employ various techniques, including calls and decoys, to lure in the elusive gobblers. The echoing calls of wild turkeys and the anticipation of a successful hunt make turkey hunting in this region a memorable and rewarding experience.

Squirrel Hunting:

For those who relish the art of small game hunting, the Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky Lake, and Lake Barkley area offer prime squirrel hunting opportunities. The wooded areas teem with grey and fox squirrels, providing an engaging and accessible hunting experience. The fall and winter seasons are ideal for squirrel hunting, where hunters can traverse the forests, honing their skills in marksmanship and woodcraft.


The Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky Lake, and Lake Barkley area beckon hunters with a symphony of natural sounds and the promise of an unforgettable experience in the heart of the wild. Whether pursuing the majestic white-tailed deer, the elusive wild turkey, or the quick and nimble squirrel, hunters find solace and excitement in the untamed beauty of this remarkable region. As the seasons change, so too does the landscape, providing a dynamic and ever-rewarding canvas for those who seek the thrill of the hunt in this hunter’s paradise.

Kentucky Deer Hunting Dates 2024 / 2025

• Archery Youth/Senior Crossbow Sept. 7, 2024 - Jan. 20 2025 • Crossbow Sept. 21, 2024 - Jan. 20 2025 • Youth-only Gun Oct. 12 - 13 2024 • Muzzleloader Oct. 19 - 20 2024 Dec. 14 - 22 2024 • Modern Gun Nov. 9 - 24 2024 • Free Youth Weekend Dec. 28 - 29 2024

Turkey Hunting Hunting Dates 2024

• Youth-Only April 6-7, 2024 • General Season April 13 - May 5

Squirrel Hunting Hunting Dates 2024 /2025

• May 19 - June 2024 • August 17 - November 8th • November 11 - February 2025

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